Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Run ... Not!

Immersion is an excellent way to learn a language. The more time you spend with a language, the faster you will learn. My best leçons take place in the middle of the night, via silly conversations. Listening, reading, writing, speaking and studying words and phrases are most effective when it is learned in a meaningful social context.

Yesterday I got a Creole word that amused me to giggles.

In French it is escargot. In Belgique you can get these from food trucks on the street, along with burgers, frites etc. Fast food. But not really when it comes to snails.

It's s n a i l s... In Mauritian Creole snails are called COURPA.

Derived from the words courir (Fr. verb 'to run') and pas (Fr. negative adverb), when put together and it literally translates to 'it runs, not!'. Which is so true of snails. Runners they are not. lol I love it.

Don't be surprised if I start calling them runnots from now on.

(: Biz

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