Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Way of the Bird

Halfway through 2012!
   Wedding, done.
      Euro, won.
         Kreol lecons, ...non.

(I've been told) Creole is not the most difficult language to speak but it is difficult to write. It is after all a language that is meant to be spoken rather than written. That sure makes it difficult to learn when one is 3000 nautical miles away!

So far on my journey I've seen several words written 3 different ways. Take 'bird'.

The French: oiseau
Creole: zoizo, zwazo, zozo

If this was an audio file, you'd think I said the same word 3 times. And I did.

It's alright that the spelling is inconsistent, we just Parrot and imitate the French pronunciation of the original word.

Sometimes though, it doesn't work. I'll get to that as soon as Jaguar finishes playing with banana leaves.

(: biz


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    1. Yes! It should get easier with more practice and exposure though.

      On a different note, I LIKE YOUR STICKERS! =)